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Our company has been conducting airborne geophysical surveys since July 2007. We have completed surveys in all Australian states for
both large and small exploration companies, as well as for the Federal Government.

We have also carried out fixed wing and helicopter operations in Africa, Europe, Central America, PNG, New Zealand, and many S.E. Asian countries.

Fixed Wing Magnetic /
Radiometric Survey

Thomson Airborne operates predominantly Cessna 210 aircraft but can now also offer a C208 Grand Caravan, fitted for magnetic / radiometric survey. These aircraft are available for work within Australia and overseas, provided the terrain is suitable. They offer the exploration industry the latest instrumentation and safety equipment available.

For ongoing safety, efficiency and data quality, Thomson Airborne aircraft are also maintained and calibrated to the highest industry standards.

Helicopter Magnetic /
Radiometric Survey

Thomson Airborne is also capable of helicopter survey using our fixed-boom-mounted G823B Magnetometer, as well as a Radiation Solutions Inc RSX-4 Gamma detector system. This combined system can easily be fitted to a wide range of helicopters and is available for all domestic and overseas work.

Airborne Gravity Surveys

Thomson Airborne operates single, vertical-sensor gravity surveys. The system is the latest available, the result of years of testing and perfection of the technique. It is stabilised with a 3-axis inertial platform and unwanted accelerations are corrected by high resolution GPS. Dynamic range is a large +/- 1,000 Gals and unique processing software ensures the best possible sensitivity and noise rejection.

Where appropriate, magnetic and radiometric data can be acquired in conjunction with gravity data, if required.

For more comprehensive information regarding any of the specialised equipment referred to on this page, please view “Our Equipment” page.